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Farewell to a lovely bookstore

This gorgeous bookstore in a Toronto neighborhood (the Bloor West Village) shut down over the weekend. The building used to be a theatre (built in 1927) and the bookstore, for the most part, preserved the original structure and interiors. Granted, this was a Chapters branch, and I am generally a fan of small local bookstores rather than larger chains, but this store was definitely special. Now it’s going to be either a Loblaws (a large grocery store chain in Canada) or a Shoppers Drugmart (a large drug store in Canada). The whole thing is tragic.

The one small flicker of hope is the fact that apparently, when the bookstore was originally going to take over the lease for the building, community members were opposed to it, thinking that the store would not preserve the building. As one can see from the photographs below, Chapters did, however, make quite an effort to preserve the building’s beauty and character. So perhaps, just maybe, Loblaws/Shoppers may find a way to do the same.

Most beautiful bookstore in Toronto, Canada

Bookstore inside gorgeous old theatre

Bookstore in historical theatre

One of the most beautiful bookstores

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An Island Paradise 5 Minutes from Downtown Toronto?

The Toronto Islands are surprisingly beautiful, all things considered. I’ve been before, several years ago, but it was only on a recent trip there for the first time in years, that I realized how picturesque the islands are! Obviously, they’ve got nothing on any island in the Caribbean, but for a beach in a busy metropolitan centre, it’s pretty gorgeous. Far more peaceful than the beach in Chicago, and more beautiful than the beaches on Sentosa Island in Singapore for instance, by several orders of magnitude.

I think Toronto residents often don’t get to enjoy the beaches on the Islands as much as they could and should.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Best beach in Toronto

Toronto Islands

We even managed to stay long enough to enjoy a beautiful sunset:

Beautiful beach on Toronto's Centre Island