Indian cooking with Mango

Andhra-Inspired Mango Dal (Mango Lentils)

In my view, most fruit are pretty gross. This surprises people. The nicest honest description of my eating habits I have heard is from a friend of mine, who called me “delightfully weird”. What really shocks people though, is the fact that I hate mangoes, despite the fact that every summer of my childhood, our house was almost literally inundated with hundreds of mangoes (this … Continue reading Andhra-Inspired Mango Dal (Mango Lentils)

Indian clarified butter

How to Make Neyyi or Ghee (South Asian Clarified Butter)

After chocolate and chillies, ghee might just be the third most amazing food in the entire world. When made well, with good quality butter, a spoonful of ghee can transform a meal from delicious to absolutely exquisite! I’ve read some people (almost always non-South Asians) refer to ghee (clarified butter) as less flavourful than butter. I say: pay them no mind! I reckon they don’t … Continue reading How to Make Neyyi or Ghee (South Asian Clarified Butter)

Healthy, vegan spinach lentils

Garden Fresh Palak Dal (Spinach Lentils)

We’ve had a very cool August this year, which has been disappointing. This has meant less paddle-boarding and fewer beach days. Moreover, our bougainvillea plants haven’t flowered quite as prolifically as they usually do. On the upside, however, this has meant that the second box of spinach we planted late this summer has been doing really well! I haven’t been cooking at all this week … Continue reading Garden Fresh Palak Dal (Spinach Lentils)

Divine Visions of Chocolate?

Several years ago, on a trip to Niagara Falls on the United States side, I came across this church:   In case it wasn’t evident from the first photograph. Here is another one that shows the board outside the church more clearly: A quick google search produced nothing illuminating about this chocolate themed church. I found it so fascinating, I had to stop and take … Continue reading Divine Visions of Chocolate?

Achaari Salmon (a tangy, spicy, and easy recipe)

Very often, in North America and Western Europe, I have found that while food from Northern India (and to a much lesser extent, dosas, idlis, and thalis) is easily available, I have almost never come across authentic Hyderabadi food. This is utterly befuddling to me, as Hyderabadi cuisine is one of the richest food traditions in the world. If Mexican food represents textural complexity at … Continue reading Achaari Salmon (a tangy, spicy, and easy recipe)

How to make Indian Style Cold Coffee (with a sugar- free and vegan version too!)

I know this is an unseasonable post, but it just so happens that I have been craving cold coffee recently. I think it’s because we went to a dosa place for lunch the other day, and I ordered a delicious Indian style cold coffee, post lunch. Ever since then, it’s been on my mind. So, as much as it seems like a more appropriate drink … Continue reading How to make Indian Style Cold Coffee (with a sugar- free and vegan version too!)

Raspberry Compote with a Hint of Lemon

I am not really a breakfast person! Ever since I’ve discovered compote, however, my mornings are looking a little more cheery 🙂 Compote is a great addition to a parfait, waffles, pancakes, and crepes! Here is a super simple recipe to make your own blueberry compote! Equipment: A small (about a quart) heavy bottomed saucepan Spoons Jar Ingredients: 1 cup blueberries 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 … Continue reading Raspberry Compote with a Hint of Lemon