Indian cooking with Mango

Andhra-Inspired Mango Dal (Mango Lentils)

In my view, most fruit are pretty gross. This surprises people. The nicest honest description of my eating habits I have heard is from a friend of mine, who called me “delightfully weird”. What really shocks people though, is the fact that I hate mangoes, despite the fact that every summer of my childhood, our house was almost literally inundated with hundreds of mangoes (this … Continue reading Andhra-Inspired Mango Dal (Mango Lentils)

Indian clarified butter

How to Make Neyyi or Ghee (South Asian Clarified Butter)

After chocolate and chillies, ghee might just be the third most amazing food in the entire world. When made well, with good quality butter, a spoonful of ghee can transform a meal from delicious to absolutely exquisite! I’ve read some people (almost always non-South Asians) refer to ghee (clarified butter) as less flavourful than butter. I say: pay them no mind! I reckon they don’t … Continue reading How to Make Neyyi or Ghee (South Asian Clarified Butter)

Healthy, vegan spinach lentils

Garden Fresh Palak Dal (Spinach Lentils)

We’ve had a very cool August this year, which has been disappointing. This has meant less paddle-boarding and fewer beach days. Moreover, our bougainvillea plants haven’t flowered quite as prolifically as they usually do. On the upside, however, this has meant that the second box of spinach we planted late this summer has been doing really well! I haven’t been cooking at all this week … Continue reading Garden Fresh Palak Dal (Spinach Lentils)

Creamy and Refreshing Yoghurt Parfait: A Summer Delight!

I wasn’t always a huge parfait fan. If you follow this blog, you know that I mostly only eat chocolatey sweet things. But then, we went away for a weekend this June, and had this delicious parfait every morning at our Bed and Breakfast: On a side note, we stayed in a boat house on the water in Catalina Bay, in the Kawartha Lakes region … Continue reading Creamy and Refreshing Yoghurt Parfait: A Summer Delight!

Rajma (Spicy, Buttery, Kidney Beans) Recipe

In some ways, Rajma is to North Indian cuisine what Macaroni and Cheese is to North American cuisine: it is ubiquitous and seen as a comforting food that reminds one of home. Rajma is also similar to Mac and Cheese in the sense that it is often made badly. And bad Rajma is especially like bad Mac and Cheese in that it’s often bad because … Continue reading Rajma (Spicy, Buttery, Kidney Beans) Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

If you like Nutella, but also find that it is simultaneously too sweet and not quite hazelnutty nor chocolatey enough, then you know exactly how I feel. In my quest for a perfectly rich and nutty butter, I have tried various different brands, including Patchi and Neuhaus. None of them really hit the spot, unfortunately. The problem was their texture, their weak chocolate flavour, and … Continue reading Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Healthy, Delicious, One Bowl Ceviche!

When I first ate ceviche in a restaurant in San Francisco, I wasn’t particularly impressed. It tasted ok, but there was nothing about it that really spoke to me or got me excited. Then, we visited a friend of mine in Panama and everything changed! I had ceviche made fresh and on the spot by a street vendor, and I was actually amazed. It was … Continue reading Healthy, Delicious, One Bowl Ceviche!