Drink your Vegetables!!!: A Healthy Carrot Beet Juice Recipe

I’ve started drinking fresh juices! If you’ve been reading other posts of mine, you know that I struggle with eating vegetables. I especially hate how crunchy they are. Which is why, if I ever eat them, I eat them very cooked. I have found, however, that I can “drink my vegetables”,  even raw vegetables, without too much difficulty.  A carrot, beet (beetroot), orange, and ginger concoction I … Continue reading Drink your Vegetables!!!: A Healthy Carrot Beet Juice Recipe

Super Easy Fondue Recipe

Easy Fondue for a Rainy Day!

Today was a bit chilly compared to the past week and it has been raining all evening.  I’ve also been trying to cut down on my sugar consumption. All these factors combined left me craving something warm, delicious, and indulgent. My normal go-to cure for rainy-day blues would be a cup of rich, dark, hot chocolate accompanied by a cookie and some truffles (I’ve written … Continue reading Easy Fondue for a Rainy Day!

Dondakaya Vepudu, Tindora fry, South Indian Veggie Sauté

Dondakaya Vepudu: A Delicious, Easy, Andhra-Style Vegetable Sauté

Dondakaya is a common vegetable in Andhra Pradesh (a State in Southern India). While I normally hate eating vegetables, this particular vegetable, prepared in the way my parents make it, I find absolutely delicious! If you’d like to try it, all you have to do is go to an Indian store and ask for “Tindora” which is the Hindi name for it. Once you get … Continue reading Dondakaya Vepudu: A Delicious, Easy, Andhra-Style Vegetable Sauté

Chopped up chocolate to make a ganache

Brainy Choconutmeg!!!

  I’ve written about the gloriousness of chocolate many, many times, including its health benefits. If there is one belief I have in life, it is this: chocolate is an elixir of happiness. Now, there’s one more study that supports my thesis that chocolate is basically magic. According to new study, published in the journal Appetite, frequent consumption of chocolate was:   “significantly associated with better … Continue reading Brainy Choconutmeg!!!

Spinach for healthy lentil soup

Healthy Palak Dal (Spinach Lentils)

I made chocolates today and I was going to sit down with a cup of Jasmine tea and write about them. When I looked at my blog home page, however, I realized that my last post was also about chocolate (in fact, a LOT of my posts are about chocolate). Also, Easter was just the other day, so it occurred to me that some of … Continue reading Healthy Palak Dal (Spinach Lentils)

Boozy Berries: Champagne Strawberries!

While plain old chocolate-covered strawberries are delicious in themselves (I’ve blogged about those before) some evenings or afternoons call for something with a little more Oomph; champagne gives strawberries exactly that! Making these champagne-y berries is a little more complicated than simply serving your friends some fruit, but I think they’re fun and worth the effort! Oh and a quick note: my partner got excited … Continue reading Boozy Berries: Champagne Strawberries!