Tuna and Olive Crostini

I had a lot of crostini left over from a big party I threw, as well as plenty of olives. So here’s a little snack I came up with using these left-overs. This tuna and olive crostini makes for a delicious snack or even a light dinner; and it’s pretty easy to make. What’s more, the recipe doesn’t involve too many ingredients and it isn’t labour … Continue reading Tuna and Olive Crostini

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

If you’re visiting San Francisco, Grace Cathedral should definitely be on your list of places to visit. It’s breathtaking at night and the ‘Gates of Paradise’ or ‘Ghiberti Doors’ are exquisite. To be fair, the gates are a replica. The original gates were in Florence at the Florence baptistery. However, were you to go to Florence today to see the doors, you would be looking upon … Continue reading Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

How to Really Enjoy a Winter Afternoon

When I closed my eyes and took a sip out of this cup, I sighed, actually sighed, aloud.  You know how cakes and chocolates are advertised as ‘decadent’? Well THIS was more than that; worse than that even; and better than that; it was positively depraved. The rich, thick, smooth, creamy, soft, chocolatey concoction was pure wickedness; it was indulgence, irresponsibility, a sense of loosing … Continue reading How to Really Enjoy a Winter Afternoon