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Macaroons at Dusk

I wouldn’t say that I am tremendously fond of macaroons. I mean I like them, sure, but I’ve never woken up in the middle of the night and wanted one. I have woken up in the middle of the night craving all sorts of other foods. Some of the things I have had midnight cravings for include:

1. Chocolate

2. Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge on Top

3. Chocolate Fudge

4. Fish Tacos

5. Re-fried Beans

6. Yummy Thin Crust Pizza

7. Fish Curry (and this is an umbrella term I am using to refer to about 6 kinds of fish curry)

I could literally go on for hours, and this is just what I craved over the last week or ten days.

But, I’ve never ever craved a macaroon. My point is, I was never into macaroons, that is until recently. The other day, a friend brought me some assorted macaroons as a gift and since then, I’ve developed a taste for them. It isn’t that I’ve never had them before, it’s that these were particularly delicious macaroons. Unlike chocolate, which I enjoy eating even when it’s of average quality, I only like macaroons if they’re particularly well made, and these were yummy! They were from MoRoCo, a little chocolate-themed store and restaurant in the Yorkville area of Toronto. Go here for their website.

The macaroons were light and airy and I loved all the different flavours they had.

They made the most delightful little snack last evening along with a ginger-white chocolate cookie. You see, I set them on my bedside table late in the afternoon, and my plan was to take a break from working to eat them, when I was done reading this important chapter of an important book for my even more important dissertation.

Colourful macarons and a ginger chocolate cookie

It turned out to be a rather engaging chapter, and I kept on reading. Evening had turned to dusk before I realized I hadn’t eaten them yet. (This, by the way, is proof of the fact that I am only reasonably fond of macaroons, whereas I am unreasonably obsessed with chocolate. I’ve never left uneaten chocolate by my bedside and forgotten about it. That’s unheard of! If I did that and it became known to my family and/or friends, everyone who loved me would be very worried about me indeed.)

Macarons at dusk

I needed a drink at this point, so I made myself a colourful drink (fresh, pulpy watermelon juice) to go with the snack:

Fresh watermelon juice

Needless to say, I had a nice, rewarding study break. I did of course also dig into some of those truffles I made yesterday as well πŸ™‚

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