Ikea Side-Table Remixed

Like the Chair I wrote about a few weeks ago, the Lack side table I’ve had lying about my apartment for years now has always struck me as a perfect DIY project. I’ve put off doing anything about it though, precisely because it has so much potential. I’d keep having various ideas, and then, unable to settle on one, I’d just give up on thinking about it and invent a new type of chocolate truffle instead.

One weekend, I finally got around to it though, and here’s what I ended up with:

Lack Table Remixed

Here are all the raw materials I used:

Raw Materials for Lack Makeover

And of course the table itself:

Ikea Lack Table Hack

I got the idea for this project from another blogger, Lizzie, you can find her blog post here. I started by tracing the shape of the table on the underside of the wallpaper with a pencil. Next, I cut along the pencil lines, so that I ended up with a piece of wallpaper, the exact shape and size of the table.

How to jazz up a side-table

In order to make the wallpaper stick, I sandpapered the surface of the table and applied wallpaper paste all over it with a medium-sized paintbrush.

How to jazz up a side-table

The next step was a little time-sensitive; I quickly spread out the wallpaper on the table, before the paste began to dry. Then, using the rolling-pin I got rid of any air bubbles that may have formed and any extra paste.

Ikea Hack

This was a two-day project; I had to let the whole thing dry and set for at least 24 hours. The next day, I carefully peeled the edges of the wallpaper off and used gorilla glue to glue it back firmly. Again, I let this set for an hour and finally, finished off the surface with two coats of varnish made of a polyurethane base.

The next day, it was ready to be used 🙂

How to jazz up an Ikea table


Ikea Hack: Chair Make-Over

When I moved to a new apartment last month, I bought this Ikea arm-chair. It served its main purpose as comfortable extra seating well, and the colour went with my decor, but I found it just a tad-bit plain.

I thought and thought about how I could jazz it up a little, and even contemplated trying to dye the chair or reupholster it. Then, I had a simple idea that I think worked out well: why not use upholstery tacks to decorate the chair? A lot of the antique furniture I’ve seen has brass-head tacks that both hold down the fabric and serve a decorative purpose.

So, I went to various stores including home-depot and a craft store and finally found upholstery nails/tacks at Rona. This is what I did with them:


First, I stripped off the arm-chiar cover because I liked the shape of the chair and its cute legs, and both were being hidden by the cover. I kept the cushion covers on though, as that way I can take them off and wash them every once-in-a- while. Next, I used small and large tacks in an alternating pattern.

I really like the design because I think it brings out the curviness of the chair 🙂