Tulips in the Spring!

The newest addition to my apartment! Beautiful red tulips!


The odd thing is, I almost don’t want all the flower buds to go into full bloom! To me tulips are the prettiest when they are half-open like the two little flowers on the plant in the photograph. I know, it’s a cliched and tired metaphor, but it’s really true, half blooming tulip buds make me smile and think of the lovely summer to come. Sometimes, that anticipation is a more wonderful feeling than the joy the actual summer brings, not least because when I dream of summer during the long cold winter, I don’t usually think of how sweaty and stuffy and painfully bright it can get in June 😛

Don’t get me wrong though, the summer is great and I can’t wait to barbecue and swim in a lake and do yoga in the park!

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Salmon Burgers with Goat Cheese and Basil

Yay! Spring is here and it’s warm enough to grill already! To celebrate, we grilled salmon burgers from Whole Foods (some day, i am going to make burger patties at home, I’ve decided!) for dinner this evening.


Mine was served with whole wheat bread, fresh basil from the indoor potted basil plant (pictured in a previous post) and, goat cheese. I thought about the sort of cheese we should use, and decided I would give goat cheese a try. So I used soft, fresh goat cheese.


Mmmm! Despite some opposition to goat cheese that my friend offered, the burger turned out well and went perfectly with a Belgian white beer. The beer had notes of coriander and a citrussy flavor as well, so it was very fresh and went with the ‘spring is here’ theme of the evening.

The truth is, the burger was so good that I ate two! I also drank 2 beers. It didn’t help that I’d had a pre-dinner snack that consisted of Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose tracks ice cream with hot fudge on top. I felt bloated and ill for 2 whole hours after dinner. I am a disturbingly greedy person. Sigh.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the summer! More burgers, salmon steaks and, most importantly, I can make paneer tikka, achaari fish tikka and tandoori fish again! You can make these awesome Indian dishes indoors in an oven, but they just don’t taste right that way. They need to be grilled in a type of Indian oven- a tandoor, and I it turns out a BBQ grill is the next best thing! So, for the summer I can hardly wait!

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Evening Light in Ann Arbor

Spring is finally here! I happened to be in Ann Arbor today and was overjoyed when I saw the sun out and shining with a little touch of actual warmth. Even this evening was gorgeous! The light was absolutely beautiful at sunset and dusk so I took some pictures around town while I ran errands.

I thought they turned out very well considering I used an iPhone and took them from a moving car while my friend was driving.

Spring Sunset in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Ann Arbor on a Spring Evening
A shot of the sun setting on the first spring day of the year, in Ann Arbor
Dusk ahead of us and sunset in the rearview mirror.


The beginning of an eery spring night.