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I’ve written about the gloriousness of chocolate many, many times, including its health benefits. If there is one belief I have in life, it is this: chocolate is an elixir of happiness. Now, there’s one more study that supports my thesis that chocolate is basically magic.

According to new study, published in the journal Appetite, frequent consumption of chocolate was:


“significantly associated with better performance on [cognitive tests including] visual-spatial memory and organisation, working memory, scanning and tracking, abstract reasoning, and the mini-mental state examination”.


The study’s researchers used data collected from a Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study (MSLS) involving 968 people (between 23 and 98 years old). Cocoa flavanols, a type of flavonoid found in chocolate, are said to be associated with this increased cognitive function.

Oh and studies are beginning to show that red wine (in moderation) is also good for us (see this website for a good summary of the research on flavanoids), so why not couple some handmade delicious truffles with wine 🙂

4 replies on “Brainy Choconutmeg!!!”

Well, I’ve got red wine in the fridge! Just got to get chocolate now lol. I like this post. I heard this a little while ago and I completely agree with it. Red wine is the healthier of the wines, plus it relaxes you which relieves stress. Stress has been proven to not be healthy in any form. I’m not sure about the logistics of the chocolate but I know it gives off endorphins which make you happy and happier people are healthier people…am I right? 🙂

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