Spiced Black Tea (Masala Chai) Chocolate Truffles

My latest chocolate-related invention: Masala Chai Chocolate Truffles! How did I come up with this curious combination of chocolate and masala chai (Indian-style black tea)? I was planning my birthday party earlier this month, and I was trying to think of snacks and desserts that I could serve at the party. I wanted to be able to do most of the work in advance, preparing … Continue reading Spiced Black Tea (Masala Chai) Chocolate Truffles

A Hand-made, Delicious Gift for your Grown-up Friends

This post is also about truffles. I thought I should just make that clear right at the start. If you’re tired of all my truffle-y posts, skip this one; my next one won’t be about truffles, or even chocolate. It’ll probably be about this delicious, spicy Hyderabadi-style fish I made yesterday; or it might be about a nice little Persian restaurant that I visited last week. … Continue reading A Hand-made, Delicious Gift for your Grown-up Friends

Cointreau Chocolate Truffles

This was my latest chocolate experiment: Cointreau Truffles! How did I settle on this particular flavour? Well, I bought a whole bottle of Cointreau at the Delhi International Airport last month you see. And today, wanting to make a new type of truffle I looked about my kitchen, and my eyes fell upon the bottle. I was torn between trying out Cointreau truffles and red … Continue reading Cointreau Chocolate Truffles